Andy Cohen apologizes for joining conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton I wish I had kept my mouth shut

Article—First-letter-highlighted”>Andy Cohen issued an apology for His earlier remarks casting doubt on The whereabouts of Kate Middleton and contributing to hypothesis about Prince William’s constancy, previous to The princess disclosing her most cancers analysis.

Throughout Monday’s airing of His SiriusXM present, “Andy Cohen Reside,” The 55-year-old celeb expressed His solidarity With The Princess of Wales.


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Kate Middleton’s ring appears to vanish and suggests official Video Is pretend

“I simply wish to say I’m deeply saddened by The information regarding Princess Kate,” Cohen said on SiriusXM.

Acknowledging criticism he acquired, Cohen was fast to just accept he was at fault.

“I imagine somebody on Sky Information labeled me a ‘idiot’ throughout that whole dialogue, and They have been appropriate,” he added.

He acknowledged His error In making light-hearted remarks on The matter, expressing a need to train restraint In The future.

“We’re all holding Princess Kate and King Charles In our ideas and prayers.”

What have been Andy Cohen’s feedback relating to Kate Middleton?

Web page Six recollects that following The circulation of a Video that includes The Prince and Princess of Wales at an area farm store on March 18, Cohen joined on-line speculators In questioning The identification of The lady In The clip, suggesting it wasn’t Kate Middleton.

“That ain’t Kate…,” he wrote on X.

Just a few days afterward an episode of “Daddy Diaries Podcast,” Cohen continued to gas hypothesis, disputing The authenticity of Photos allegedly depicting Middleton at The farm stand. He additionally insinuated involvement In baseless rumors about William’s alleged affair With Girl Rose Hanbury.

“All of it appears to circle again to this Girl Rose, With whom he purportedly had an affair… do not forget he break up With [Middleton] after years of courting, and issues spiraled uncontrolled for some time earlier than he returned to her.”

In addition to those feedback, Cohen drew a parallel between Prince William and His father, alluding to King Charles III‘s previous infidelity With Queen consort Camilla whereas married to Princess Diana.

Cohen’s apology comes over every week after The 42-year-old Princess of Wales disclosed her most cancers analysis and graduation of chemotherapy remedy.

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